I have been working with Simbyte for 3 years. During this time they have been invaluable with both their understanding of our business and customising the solutions to our business and business processing while meeting our project timelines and objectives. They look for the right solution to fit business process – not just any solution. During this time they have also had to serve many masters and have worked through solutions to suit all stakeholder requirements. Working with Simbyte is always a pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending them.



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Anna Coates
Anna Coates
Customer Development Manager

               SimByte look for the right solution to fit business process – not just any solution.

Robert White
Robert White
Manager Customer Service

               SimByte have made a significant improvement to our business and also a significant improvement in service to our customers.

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Victoria Racing Club
Racing Victoria Limited
Country Racing Victoria
Moonee Valley Racing Club
Arinum Solutions
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Industry Experience

Finance, Telecommunications, Entertainment
With an extensive customer base in Australia, SimByte has successfully designed, developed, implemented and supported Customer Relationship Management solutions across multiple architectures and platforms. Our clients are typically organisations that strive to automate and streamline the way they manage their customer relationships using CRM or who need us to develop a flexible Master Data Management Framework to support their specific business processes and provide a 360 degree view of the customer, using Microsoft's xRM framework. More specifically, SimByte's most recent achievement has been not only the implementation of a CRM solution but also a webstore, an allocations module and event ticketing system to the Victoria Racing Club, covering one of the biggest sporting events in Australia, The Melbourne Cup, which is attended by an excess of 100,000 people from racing enthusiasts to high profile celebrities. Aside from full fledged solutions, SimByte also provides customisation services for existing CRM platforms, creating modules and plug-ins to extend out-of-the-box functionality, the end result of which is a solution that is robust, flexible, feature rich and tailored to the client's unique business needs.

Victoria Racing Club

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, iPhone Car Park Barcode Reader, eTicketing
In 2010, when the Victoria Racing Club started it's 150th Melbourne Cup preparations, it once again looked to SimByte for ways to increase it's operational efficiency. The result was three exciting initiatives:
    1.  Offer the prestigious Melbourne Cup Car Parks applications online for the first time using Microsoft Dynamics xRM framework.
    2.  Give members the option to purchase limited Dining and Racing tickets online using SimByte's proprietary eTicketing module.
    3.  Use the portability of the iPhone to give ground staff the ability to scan the Car Park tickets and retrieve real-time information about members.

The projects will significantly reduce overheads to VRC's customer service and provide VRC with a framework that gives unprecedented flexibility and functionality to continue it's growth by giving their customers greater control and ability to self-service. We take care of the entire Software Development Lifecyle from conception to deployment, allowing VRC to do what they do best - taking care of their customers.
Read about our case study: Victoria Racing Club Master Data Management.

RightNow Technologies

CX | RightNow, .NET add-ins, webservices and integration
RightNow is a provider of on demand customer experience solutions that help consumer-centric organizations deliver great customer experiences. Founded in 1997, RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, employs more than 800 people, and serves nearly 2,000 organizations worldwide. SimByte has worked with RightNow Technologies to delivery CRM and Customer Experience solutions to some of the highest profile companies in Australia in the finance, telecommunications and education sectors.

Racing Victoria Limited

Infor CRM, Marketing & Analytics, Webstore and Allocations
Racing Victoria Limited is a world-class sporting industry, delivering integrity, quality and entertainment to it's patrons and members. SimByte has implemented and supported RVL's CRM and Marketing Analytics systems for the last 2 years. In 2008, SimByte opened a new revenue touchpoint for club by introducing a webstore that is integrated with their CRM systems through SimByte's proprietary middleware data bus. This enabled RVL to track online sales and customer interactions directly within their CRM platform. In the following year, RVL again turned to SimByte when their existing allocations module required upgrading due to performance bottlenecks. SimByte drew on their experince with the business and their knowledge of the development platform to build a customised, highly scalable and intuitive allocations module that catered for RVL's unique allocations processes. The return on investment was immediate with the clubs seeing a 300% increase in performance, resulting in faster bookings for customers.