I have been working with Simbyte for 3 years. During this time they have been invaluable with both their understanding of our business and customising the solutions to our business and business processing while meeting our project timelines and objectives. They look for the right solution to fit business process – not just any solution. During this time they have also had to serve many masters and have worked through solutions to suit all stakeholder requirements. Working with Simbyte is always a pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending them.


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Recent News

28 October 2014
SimByte leads the way with APPii
SimByte partners with leading security specialist to develop the Australian Privacy Pro application, a self contained portal that allows you to self-assess the 13 key Australian Privacy Principles within your organisation and guide you in protecting Personally Identifiable Information.

6 January 2014
SimByte releases new compliance and business productivity platform: Avacent
Avacent comprises a powerful set of tools to manage legal compliance obligations, staff performance appraisals, business assessments and customer surveys, all supported by a uniquely tailored digital library. Visit http://www.avacent.com.au for more information.

10 September 2013
Compass Group engages SimByte to work on their eLearning solution
SimByte works with HT Solutions to build a customised eLearning solution for Compass.

20 July 2013
SimByte launches another iPhone application - Chemist King
Chemist King has engaged SimByte to build their iPhone application

13 May 2013
SimByte works on PCEHR integration
SimByte works on building a gateway to PCEHR for government department

1 Jan 2013
HT Solutions engages SimByte to build their new eLearning solution
HT Solutions works with SimByte to build a revolutionary, modern eLearning framework based on Microsoft Dynamics 2011 xRM. The new solution provides Compliance, LMS, Survey and People Plus capabilities.

2 Oct 2012
Racing Victoria upgrade their CRM system
SimByte works with Racing Victoria to upgrade their CRM system to the latest 64-bit MS SQL 2012.

15 May 2012
Large Global Pharmaceutical company Launches their new prescriber and pharmacy application
SimByte develops portal solution based on Microsoft's Sharepoint 2010.

20 Feb 2012
Racing Victoria conduct an IT Review of their systems
Racing Victoria engages SimByte to conduct an IT Review of their system and processes

1 Nov 2011
Chempro/Amcal launches their pharma iPhone app
SimByte develops iPhone application for Chempro. Check it out on Apple iStore now.

1 Oct 2011
TVN launches new Editorial platform
SimByte works with TVN on their new Editorial system.

11 May 2011
Microsoft CRM Silver Partnership
SimByte attains Microsoft CRM Silver Partnership.

4 April 2011
VRC implements xRM
SimByte implements Master Data Management using Microsoft xRM platform for the VRC.

20 Mar 2011
iPhone Barcode Reader
SimByte starts development on the iPhone Car Park Pass Barcode Reader for the Melbourne Cup.

11 Feb 2011
The Victoria Racing Club launches eTicketing
SimByte integrates eTicketing with the VRC's webstore and CRM systems.

6 Jan 2011
vmware Partner
SimByte becomes a vmware Partner.

30 Nov 2010
Infor's E.piphany Marketing implementation
Racing Victoria Limited calls on SimByte's CRM expertise in delivering their Marketing implementation of householding functionality.

22 Jan 2010
Microsoft Partner
SimByte joins the Microsoft Partner Network.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

a Powerful xRM Development Platform
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is revolutionary development platform that can be used to either customize and extend the existing Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management ("CRM") applications, or create a completely new complex line of business application.

The advantage is that new extensions can be developed in shorter timeframes as there are a host of out-of-the-box modules and functionality including sales-force-automation, service scheduling, e-commerce and marketing campaigns that can be extended, thus giving you a better return for your investment. The xRM framework architecture can be summarised as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes the following features for xRM applications:

Security: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a strong security model baked into the platform including a concept of ownership and sharing of records (record-level security), roles, business units, and a permission model.

Workflow & Dialogs: Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s workflow model includes an end-user interface which allows business users to manage workflows or dialogs on any entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This workflow model includes conditions, branching, and custom actions, in addition to sending e-mails and creating additional Microsoft Dynamics CRM records.

Reporting: Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses both Microsoft Office Excel and Reporting Services for reporting and dash boarding. The reporting wizard simplifies the creation of reports for interpreting Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.

User Interface: When customizing entities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your xRM application, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system will automatically generate a GUI for your users to interact with the data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a primary console interface customized for your xRM application. The user interfaces include lists with customizable views, find and advanced find, editors for all entities, lookup dialogs, multiple user interfaces, and more. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers these user interfaces with no programming required.

Office Integration: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office; the online and offline client can be installed on a workstation. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface is brought into Microsoft Office Outlook,allowing users to interact with the CRM system directly in the familiar Outlook ribbon interface.

Data modeling: Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to create custom entities which can have attributes, forms and views, and relationships with other entities.

Web Services: Microsoft Dynamics CRM exposes a set of SOAP-based APIs which provide access to the core CRM data model and business objects. Developers then leverage existing CRM functionality with their own custom solutions. The CRM services support both object-based and role-based security allowing the core model to be exposed in a secure fashion.

Read about our case study: Victoria Racing Club Master Data Management.

Read more about Microsoft Dynamics at (http://crm.dynamics.com) and contact us today for a demo.

Mobile Development

iPhone and Android
With the ever growing rapid adoption of smart phones, companies are looking for new ways to reach customers. With the continually increasing processing power of these mobile devices, companies are handed new ways to creatively interact with their customers taking advantage of GPS, touch sensor and camera features not readily available in previous media. Businesses are also taking the charge ahead, porting many of their sophisticated applications to the smart devices for improved efficiencies such as mobile sales teams and others who are regularly on the road. The leaders in this race can be traced in six months of smart phone advertising data from Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile ad network. According to these statistics, the iPhone and Android market share as of November 2010 is approximately 38% each. SimByte's focus is on the iOS (iPhones & iPad) and Android devices, so contact us today to see how you can take advantage of this leading edge development platform.